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Consumer Notes

Below you will find instructions in the event that the acquired item is valid for the case of warranty.

We are eager to help you as quickly and hassle free as possible during processing.

First, we will clarify whether it is either of the following cases
a. transport damage
b. operating error

As a seller we are responsible for ensuring that the goods are received without any defects. If the error occured after on a short time, there is a possibility that it may have occured during delivery. Please make sure that the alleged error you are reporting is not caused by your behavior. Products whose defects are caused by testing for improper use, incorrect installation or improper use, can be partially or even completely not covered by the warranty.

We will first check that the concerns you raised and examine the possibilities of a remedy. The exact duration of the processing depends on the type of error.

Transport Damages

If the purchased item was damaged on the way, we are entitled to claim a new unit. However, this assumes that the transport damage can be displayed by showing a picture or photo when it arrived to your home or office. The guarantee may be excluded if the proper receipt of the package has been confirmed by the recepient. In case of a faulty confirmation or failure to make a participation, you may become obligated to regress. Please note visible damage features with short description of the nature and extent of the carrier's delivery that can be acknowledged by the driver and hand over the electrical breakdown.

Please only check goods, then acknowledge delivery notes!

If you are sure, even after further testing and consideration that a case of seller warranty exists, we would ask you, along with a detailed description of the error occurred to send the purchased item to us.

We recommend that you keep the original packaging!

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