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Grato Air Purifier
(7 Stage System)

Grato Eccellente
(One-Touch System)

Grato Primo
(LCD Button Type)

Grato Primo Plus
(LCD Touchscreen)

How to Buy

Select the product that you wish to order, decide on the model and quantity.

When you're ready to proceed, please call us directly at (02) 925-0247 or email us directly at sales@grato.com.ph. You can also use our contact us page.

If you are a new customer, you will be asked to give out the required fields in order to proceed. If you already have an account before, you may continue simply by providing the company or name that we may check with our systems.

Regarding the mode of payment, only BANK DEPOSIT is allowed. A downpayment or full payment is required depending on the nature and agreement with the management. The bank account will be emailed so that the deposit can be made.

Please note that we do not allow reservations. Cancellation of order/s is not allowed except with the approval of the company management. If you are allowed to return the product, please present with the original packaging and invoice for assessment of damage.

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